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What to Expect From Testing


Many individuals become anxious at the idea of being assessed and even continue to struggle due to procrastion and fear of the experience.  However, the testing process is a low stress experience due to a quiet and calm testing environment that is designed to be comfortable and to put you at ease. The goal of this assessment process is to work together to find an answer to what is causing your struggles. Most people leave the evaluation feeling lighter and relieved. Part of the evaluation is a clinical interview where your story will be told in your own words and your input is greatly valued! My top priority is that you feel heard and understood on every level. The subtests consist of puzzles, block designs, and story recall among other tasks. Most find the testing experience fun and enjoyable. The goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your mind works and how you learn.

Once the interview and testing is complete, you will be provided with a very comprehensive psychoeducational report that includes your psychosocial history, the symptoms you are reporting, all of your test scores along with a very detailed section comprised of the major findings and specific recommendations for treatment or specific special accommodations for school or work environments. This report will be the first step in developing a plan for treatment. The report can serve many purposes: providing diagnostic clarification and direction for medical treatment for physicians, documentation that will provide the foundation for an individualized education plan for school and evidence for special accommodations for standardized testing. This kind of documentation is crucial to start a documentation trail for those with disabilities so that schools will know exactly what they need to provide in the classroom to help you or your child learn at their highest capacity.

This experience can be extremely insightful and cathartic. You will come to understand how your mind works and how to get the most out of life by learning how to tap into your strengths in order to help you make improvements in those areas that we identify as needing work. The key to getting the most out of your life is to correctly identify what is causing your struggles and then to make a specific plan of action.

“The more you know about the mind you have, the better you will be able to improve your life.” ~Edward Hallowell, MD


ADHD/Learning Disability Evaluations for Children age 6 and above and for Adults.


Evaluation includes:

Psycho-educational evaluation of the client including IQ testing (WISC V for children 6-16; WAIS-IV  

adults ages 16 and above)


Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (for children and adults).


This testing will assess ADHD, IQ, learning disabilities and cognitive abilities (strengths and       



History of symptoms and clinical interview - developmental, mental, and psychosocial history included