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The Art of Possibility: Transforming Personal and Professional Life

Authors: Benjamin Zander & Rosamund Stone Zander

Review by Dr. Hardison: This is a truly uplifting and inspirational book that is guaranteed to instill hope in all who are captivated by the stories that Ben and Roz graciously share with us. This book will open up your mind to the unlimited possibilities that exist when you break free from the boundaries that we as humans create for ourselves. It is impossible to read and not feel profoundly impacted by the encouraging narratives of the authors and the individuals they have encountered throughout their lives. It is a pure joy to read and it left me feeling empowered and motivated to open myself up to possibilities that I never saw before. Those seeking a greater fulfillment in life would benefit greatly from this reading. In fact, the message is so powerful that it should be considered required reading for everyone. The authors’ intention is to motivate the reader to create and engage new possibilities in life. Therapists would find this work helpful when collaborating with clients who have lost hope and a vision for their future. The ideas and anecdotal stories in this book could initiate inspirational conversations that occur in sessions to nudge the client to take action in creating their own fulfillment instead of passively waiting for their predestined future to unfold for them.



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