ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life
Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 8:10PM
Heather Hardison

By: Judith Kolberg & Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.


This book is absolutely perfect for helping ADHD individuals find simple and easy ways to organize every aspect of their life. The entire book is full of effective and productive tips on how to start tackling those messes that clutter up your mind and your environment. Regular organizing books are of no help to those who suffer from ADHD as they fail to consider just how differently the ADHD brain works compared to the rest of the world. This book is a must for those that are feeling overwhelmed by clutter but have no idea how to start to declutter their life. This read offers so many options to help declutter rooms, households, work spaces, children's rooms, and school environments to help create more conducive spaces for studying or spaces that allow you unwind and relax in after a long day at the office. They offer tips on how to create to do lists that are more reasonable and lead to more productive days, which helps you stop wasting valuable time daily.  If you are ready to tackle that clutter and find ways to regain control over your life, then this is the first step for you. Once you start reading you can start to see how easy it is to master your domain and to no longer feel trapped in your clutter. Free yourself from mental and physical clutter and stress today!

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