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From the constructivist perspective humans construct the meaning of their lives by devising personal theories that make sense of the world. Therefore, each client has a unique perspective of self, the world and of their problems. This perspective is the result of their background, past experiences and relationships. For example, individuals will have a different construct or idea of what success means to them. Success to one person could be making a certain amount of money, to another it could be attaining a certain degree and to another it may be finding a career that makes them happy and fulfilled. Thus, constructivists are not focused on exploring the objective reality of the individual’s world, but on exploring the meaning of life as each individual client has construed it. Therefore, treatment is tailored specifically to each client based on individual needs.

Dr. Hardison is one of only a few Constructivists practicing in Memphis. Constructivist techniques commonly used include narrative therapy techniques, depth oriented brief therapy, and personal construct assessments. She won a research award from the Constructivist Psychology Network for her dissertation titled “Constructivist Assessment: Numerical and Narrative Convergence Across Measures." Her dissertation has since been published in it's entirety in a textbook which is used to teach constructivisim at several universities in the world. The book chapter is titled Assessment of Personal Constructs: Features and Functions of Constructivist Techniques and is included in P. Caputi, L. Viney, B. Walker and N. Crittenden's book titled Personal Construct Methodology. 

For the past 6 years, Dr. Hardison has served as the Editor of the Constructivist Psychology Network Newsletter “Constructivist Chronicle” which is archived online, and she is currently the social media representative for the CPN website now that the newsletter is posted online.