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Dr. Heather Hardison was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and has lived in the South all of her life in various states including LA, MS, TN and KY. Dr. Hardison has always been interested in observing others and questioning why as humans we behave in the ways we do. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from The University of Memphis in 1998. She worked as a mental health technician at Lakeside and Parkwood Behavioral Health System. She also worked as a Case Manager at Parkwood BHS before applying to graduate school.


Dr. Hardison graduated with her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The University of Memphis Clinical Program in 2007. She completed a year of clinical internship at the Lexington KY Veterans Hospital 2006-2007 working on the Mental Health Clinic, Inpatient/Geriatric and Post Traumatic Stress Rotations. Outside of work, Heather enjoys watching movies in the home theater that she and her husband designed and built. She also enjoys reading, visiting with friends, working out, and writing manuscripts, book chapters, and poetry.

She and her husband love to travel and often take in historical tours on their vacations to learn about other cultures or generations. Among their favorite destinations are Vancouver and Victoria, Granville Island, British Columbia, Canada, Denver, San Diego, St. Paul, New Orleans, Kentucky, Nashville and Disney World! 




While on internship in Lexington, Kentucky, Heather and her husband explored the Bourbon Trail where they visited and toured 10 of the most famous bourbon distilleries in the state and in the world. This has become a shared interest and they even designed a pub in their new home to house their memorabilia collected during those travels, including a bourbon barrel from Buffalo Trace Distillery and hand dipped personalized bottles from Maker's Mark.



Photos of their travels on this page were taken by Heather's husband, Andy Hardison. From top to bottom, Scenic drive outside Lexington, KY, Maker's Mark Distillery, Buchart Gardens in Victoria Canada, Bourbon Barrel Warehouse at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky, and Red River Gorge Bridge in Kentucky.